11th September (9/11)

The question has been raised a couple of times as to why I started this first World Childless Week #WCW on a date that has a history. I understand that for many 9/11 will have a significance that personally far outweighs #WCW and the pain of memories they hold will still be fresh in their minds. I respect those people and their memories.

When I decided to create this event I looked for a date with meaning: I looked at patron saints, mythology and people of worth; just something that was relatable to being childless. I wanted to work around the present USA and UK National Fertility/Infertility Weeks. To avoid the main family seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. To keep as clear as possible of the celebratory days that can hurt, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day etc. Straight away that limited me to just a few months and even within those months there were multiple days and weeks of significance. Numerous historical days and new good causes were overlapping and fighting for attention throughout the year.

Basically it’s hard to find a date in the year that has some significance to the childless not by choice but doesn’t overlap with another event. I eventually found some relevance to Saturday the 16th September. It made sense to me for the week to run from Monday to Sunday which is why the week starts on Monday the 11th September. So whilst this may be upsetting for some it was not intentional and #WCW will not overlap with 9/11 in the majority of the following years.

I will post about the significance of the 16th September on Saturday and hope that will help you understand, and accept, this week commencing today.

Content created today in support of WCW


World Childless Week



 World Childless Week



World Childless Week



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